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5 Easy Lawn Care Tips to Combat Texas Drought Damage

Lawn care in Texas can be very difficult during long, dry spells without any signs of rainfall on the horizon. If a green and healthy lawn is important to you or your business, then consider these tips below to keep your lawn looking fresh and repair damage brought on by a drought.

Draught Lawn Care Tip #1: Restore Your Lawn with Water

One of the biggest lawn care tips for a lawn damaged by drought is simply to water it. A drought results in the lack of sufficient water in a lawn’s vital systems. Installing an irrigation system or deeply watering the lawn regularly are good ways to help the lawn repair itself. Be aware of any city watering restrictions that may prevent you from using this process. Contacting a specialist in lawn care in Texas can help you determine the most effective way to water your lawn after or during a drought.

Draught Lawn Care Tip #2: Spot Repair for Small Patches of Drought Damage

If you are fortunate enough to only have a few spots in your lawn that are damaged by drought, you can focus repairing efforts on those areas specifically. You can use a non-selective herbicide to eliminate the dead or undesired grass and weeds while being careful not to let the herbicide spray into healthier parts of the lawn. After about three days, you can go back and plant new grass seeds into the tarnished areas of the lawn.

Draught Lawn Care Tip #3: Early Drought Prevention

Caring for your lawn shouldn’t happen only when your lawn is showing signs of drought. The best way to combat drought damage is to prevent it in the first place. Keeping your lawn irrigated and fertilized before and after the driest parts of the year can help strengthen your lawn so that it can prevent damage from an incoming drought.

Draught Lawn Care Tip #4: Know When and How Much to Mow

A rule of thumb when cutting grass is to never cut more than a third off at a time. Cutting any more than this can directly stunt the growth and health of your lawn and weaken its ability to retain water and gain nutrients from the sun. Keeping grass around three inches is recommended, and it should only be cut it when it exceeds this amount. Mowing more frequently throughout the year and dry seasons will help regulate the length of the grass and will help prevent the need to cut more than a third off at one time.

Draught Lawn Care Tip #5: Distribute Clippings Back Into the Lawn

After you’ve finished mowing your lawn, don’t toss away your spare clippings. If your mower doesn’t do this already, evenly distribute these clippings back into the lawn. They can help hold in moisture and provide nutrients back into the lawn it came from.

Get Help from Lawn Specialists

Lawn care in Texas can be difficult at times, but finding an expert who specializes in the care of lawns can be the easiest way to help repair your property. Impact Landscapes is dedicated to providing landscaping and lawn care services to its clients in Lewisville, Texas, and the surrounding area. Make sure to give us a call today at 972-849-6443 to help get your lawn back to good health!

Whether your lawn has suffered from drought damage or not, it’s important to keep these tips in mind to help repair or prevent drought damage in the first place. Contact us at Impact Landscapes and ask how we can fix your lawn or keep it looking healthy! #landscapedesign #landscape #impact #landscape #impactdesign #impactlandscapes #lawn #specialists #lawn #care

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