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Outdoor Lighting Frisco

Impact Landscapes, a top-rated landscaping and outdoor living company, provides professional residential outdoor lighting to the Dallas Metro Area.  Our complete outdoor landscape lighting services include design, installation, and excellent service.  Impact Landscapes works with you to design an outdoor lighting system that meets your budget and needs, whether it is to illuminate your home in the evening,  or for your outdoor living areas for night time enjoyment, or to provide functional lighting for increased safety and security.  Impact Landscapes is a start to finish landscaping and outdoor living installation company. Our goal is to see your home become as bright and beautiful as you want it to be with spectacular outdoor lighting.
Benefits of Impact Landscapes Outdoor Lighting

Are you interested in keeping your home looking beautiful while also providing extra security and safety to your home?  These are three of the primary reasons why you should be interested in outdoor lighting from one of Dallas fastest-growing Landscaping and Outdoor Living companies, Impact Landscapes. Whether you’re looking to raise your home’s curb appeal, or  deter unwanted nighttime guests and predators, architectural lighting from Impact Landscapes will completely transform your home and outdoor living space.

Enable Easy Navigation With Outdoor Path Lights

Without adequate pathway lighting navigating your outdoors can be very difficult. Walking into the darkness is always an unsettling experience. Wandering in the dark with your cell phone LED light as your only guide isnt exactly going to make you feel too safe. So turn to Impact Landscapes for outdoor lighting services and pathway lighting.

In addition to the safety benefits, pathway lighting is an extremely popular way to liven up a space for outside entertainment. Impact Landscapes can help you learn to enjoy the advantages of your Dallas outdoor lighting system with start to finish professional lighting products, design and installation.

The Endless Uses For Dallas Pathway Lighting

You may be under the impression that maybe you do not need outdoor lighting services because you know exactly where your mail box and everything else is in the dark, but your guests may not have a grasp on all of that quite like you do. Pathway lighting makes your home a warm and welcoming place for you, your family and visitors.

Pathway lighting is great for providing safe passage over these obstacles:

  • Holes and bumps and sharp or unexpected turns

  • Stairways

  • Steep Porches or steps

  • Long Sidewalks or paths

You can make your guests feel more comfortable and prevent unwanted injuries on unlit pathways with Impact Landscapes simple pathway lighting solutions.

Additionally, this lighting adds remarkable accents to your homes appearance and can be part of a more intricate lighting setup. The curb appeal of pathway lighting lasts year long. Imagine your summer and springtime blooms, brightly illuminated, the shadowy accents providing a spectacle greater even than their daytime glory. Outdoor Lighting in Dallas can also highlight beautiful fall leaves and even serve to compliment your decorative Christmas lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Dallas

  1. Architectural Accent Lighting
  2. Water feature or yard feature lighting
  3. Pathway Lighting
  4. Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the installation and use of system of lights, often on a timer, at night,  on the exterior of the home or in the landscaping to provide accent lighting or to make display of excellent landscapes or features.

Installing outdoor lighting in Dallas on your own can be an option, but why hassle with the wires, bulbs, ladders and everything else. Protect yourself from injury or failed lighting attempts and invest in a premium outdoor lighting experience with Impact Landscapes in Dallas, TX

At Impact Landscapes has been  hard at work on Dallas, TX  Landscaping and Outdoor Living services for two decades and has earned a reputation for having a craftsman-style approach to doing things the right way. Much like the foundation on a house, proper landscape preparation is critical for immediate establishment and longevity of some outdoor lighting systems.

Doing the job right the first time could cost more, but it will be cheaper and eliminate headaches in the long run. We also provide additional lighting care information upon project completion to make maintenance for you simple and easy.

Contact Impact Landscapes to start discussing your next landscape lighting installation project! We are proud to serve residential and commercial landscapes in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

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