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Custom Arbors & Pergolas

Do your landscape goals include custom arbors or pergolas? The experts from Impact Landscaping will listen to your ideas, give suggestions, and custom design and build your new arbor or pergolas. We have designed and built many types of arbors and pergolas over the years for our clients. A custom-built arbor or pergola is a great way to draw attention to your patio or a water feature. Custom arbors and pergolas create beautiful focal points that go well with many different types of hardscapes or masonry projects. Impact Landscapes LLC can help you decide what type of arbor or pergola will look best in your yard. Contact Frisco-based Impact Landscapes LLC today so we can get started on your custom arbor or pergola project!

We have built custom arbors and pergolas for many different clients throughout Frisco. We will set up a free on-site consultation to discuss your new arbor or pergola with you. Impact Landscapes has plenty of references and we would love to bring your new Frisco arbor or pegola project to life. A custom-built arbor or pergola is a great way to give your yard or hardscaping a warm finished look. Arbors and pergolas are a landscaping detail that you and your guests will get to enjoy for many years to come and are definitely worth the investment.

If you are thinking of adding an arbor or pergola to your home or yard, please call or contact our experts at Impact Landscapes today. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming Frisco arbor or pergola project.


Arbors and Pergolas are wooden structures that look like a slatted patio cover, it is composed of many single pieces of wood and sometimes they feature lattice-work wood designs. These structures are most commonly found in gardens and in landscaping displays.

Building an Arbor may seem like a simple task but ultimately there are many design factors and small details that go into the wood working of an Arbor that may actually make building one yourself quite cumbersome. Additionally the equipment you would need to customize the wood cuts for a professional quality arbor would deter many would be DIYers from the task.

Impact Landscapes has been hard at work on Frisco Outdoor Living spaces for more than two decades and has earned a reputation for having a craftsman-style approach to doing things the right way. Much like the foundation of a house, proper preparation is critical for the immediate establishment and longevity of our Custom Arbors & Pergolas.

Doing the job right the first time could cost slightly more, but it will be cheaper and eliminate headaches in the long run. We provide all necessary custom Arbor care information upon project completion to make maintenance for you simple and easy.

Contact Impact Landscapes LLC today to start discussing your next custom Arbor or Pergola design and installation project! We are proud to serve residential and commercial landscapes in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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