Outdoor Living

Your personal outdoor living space that you love. Pro’s and Con’s but do you understand the difference and why. We can help you decide and create a backyard space of your dreams. A place you want to be, not a place you avoid. Custom design a patio space and add in a fireplace or fire…
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Custom Patios & Pergolas by Impact Landscapes LLC
Why an Arbor or Pergola Will Increase the Value of Your Property When it comes to creating a beautiful backyard, an Arbor or Pergola is the perfect design element to add both style and value to your home.Everyone needs time and a place to rest, relax and catch their breathe once in a while, so…
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Tips To Save Time on Lawn Care - Impact Landscapes LLC - 972-849-6443

Tips To Save Time on Lawn Care

Tips To Save Time on Lawn Care Having a beautiful property takes time, which homeowners usually don’t have in abundance. At the end of a long work week there is usually little time and energy left over for lawn care. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lovely yard that provides not only…
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Texas Winter Lawn Care Tips - Impact Landscapes LLC. - 972-849-6443

Texas Winter Lawn Care Tips

Texas Winter Lawn Care Tips Winter is the time of year when everybody hurries inside to get out of the cold and stay warm. Nothing reminds you of this like the sharp, chilly wind in your face or the cold rain soaking your clothes. But you’re not the only one affected by the cold. Your…
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What to Look for in A Lawn Care Company - Impact Landscapes LLC. - 972-849-6443
5 Things to Know Before Choosing A Lawn Care Company As a child, you probably didn’t understand why your parents were so serious about keeping up the lawn, especially if you had to spend time out there helping keep it maintained.) But once you got older, chances are you came to see just why the…
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Lawn Care Tips to Combat Texas Drought Damage - Impact Landscapes LLC - 972-849-6443
5 Easy Lawn Care Tips to Combat Texas Drought Damage Lawn care in Texas can be very difficult during long, dry spells without any signs of rainfall on the horizon. If a green and healthy lawn is important to you or your business, then consider these tips below to keep your lawn looking fresh and…
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Dry Winter Lawn Care - Impact Landscapes LLC. - 972-849-6443

Lawn Care Tips During A Dry Winter

Lawn Care Tips During A Dry Winter The number one reason that plants and lawns die during Texas winters is dry weather. Deep water restrictions during times of drought add to this problem and complicate the homeowner’s lawn care plan during the winter months. By following these lawn care tips during a dry winter, you…
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4 Questions Answered About Aeration - Impact Landscapes LLC - 972-849-6443
4 Questions Answered About Aeration Knowing how to keep your lawn in a healthy condition can be the difference between a lush, green lawn and one that is dried out and struggling to survive. Lawn care in Texas can be a challenging task and it’s important to utilize as many procedures as possible to keep…
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The Dirt On Landscaping - Impact Landscapes LLC. - 972-849-6443

The Dirt on Landscaping

The Dirt on Landscaping The climate here in north Texas is considered humid subtropical: hot and humid summers, and mild winters. As you likely know, this weather requires special considerations for landscaping. We want to share a few basic tips about landscaping in Texas. The basic principles of landscaping here in Lewisville remain the same…
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Avoid Scammy Lawn Care Companies - Impact Landscapes LLC - 972-849-6443
How to Avoid Lawn Care Company Scams Looking for a lawn care company in Lewisville, Texas? A reputable lawn care company will perform quality service, even when you’re off at work or out for the day. Unfortunately, some companies are more interested in splitting you from your hard-earned money than in caring for your lawn…
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