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A Frisco resident wanted to create an outdoor living space for hosting large gatherings of family and friends. In North Texas, barbecues in the summer are a tradition and having a great space to host loved ones is ideal. They looked far and wide but had a hard time trusting the companies they came across. 

Finally they stumbled upon an outdoor living designer that fit their unique needs and wants. They chose Impact Landscapes to handle their project because of their trustworthy sales process and specific expertise when it came to designing a custom outdoor kitchen and custom patio. 

From start to finish, Impact Landscapes walked them through the process and turned their vision into reality!

Outdoor Living Design Services Required

This was no ordinary project but one that required the ability to visualize and design an outdoor living space to meet specific needs. This Frisco resident wanted a custom outdoor kitchen to cook up all the delicious food and a custom patio where all would feel welcome. 

None of this would be complete with expert stone edging work and designing a custom outdoor fireplace for when the sun goes down but the party is still alive. Impact Landscapes took it a step further by providing irrigation services, outdoor lighting and heating services so they would be prepared for any gathering during any time of year.

  • Custom Patio: This is the foundation of the outdoor space and nothing else would be possible without creating a paver patio. No patio is complete without the patio cover which was made of true cedar wood.
  • Custom Outdoor Kitchen: What’s a barbecue without having the proper outdoor kitchen setup to feed lots of hungry guests? Impact Landscapes delivered a kitchen setup that would make any grillmaster smile.
  • Custom Outdoor Fireplace: When the sun goes down but the energy has not faded, the guests need somewhere to sit and share stories while staying warm. A stone fireplace was designed and built from scratch to match the vision of the customer.
  • Irrigation, Lighting and Heating: Proper irrigation was set up to keep their guests cool in the summer as well as allow the chef to properly wash utensils. Lighting was installed ensuring nobody has to go home just because the sun set. It’s not always hot in Texas which is why custom heating was installed to keep guests comfortable in any temperature.
  • Stone Edging: This is not just a landscaping service but is also essential if you want your outdoor living space to really pop. The customer was thrilled to see it all come together when the stone edging was complete giving their space a look that is unmatched.

Impact Landscapes Delivered in Record Time

The average time of designing and building an outdoor living project of this magnitude would have taken most companies 3 to 4 months. Impact Landscapes was able to deliver their project from start to finish within 45 days! 

Not only was the customer happy with the end results but they also had their perfect outdoor living space ready for the Summer. Trusting a local Frisco outdoor living designer gave them prompt service that you won’t see anywhere else.

Check out the photos below!

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If you have aspirations to create an outdoor living space that meets all of your biggest needs and wants then don’t wait any longer. We offer a free consultation to go over your vision and see how we can make it work in a price range you feel comfortable with. Summer is upon us and that means patio season here in Texas. Reach out to us today!

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