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How to Avoid Lawn Care Company Scams

Looking for a lawn care company in Lewisville, Texas? A reputable lawn care company will perform quality service, even when you’re off at work or out for the day. Unfortunately, some companies are more interested in splitting you from your hard-earned money than in caring for your lawn and ensuring its health and good looks.

We compiled two of the most common ways lawn care companies can scam you, and we want to share these with you so you can watch out for them.

The “Ghost” Landscaping Company

These types of lawn care scammers typically have out-of-state offices. They pick a region, such as Lewisville, and deliver advertising fliers, or even go door-to-door selling their services. They will make a cursory inspection of your lawn, and they typically have systems where they collect payment up front. Another common trick they use is to book your services, come by when you are at work, put up flags that make it looks like they sprayed or otherwise treated your lawn, and then leave a bill in the mailbox.

Ghost companies are particularly dangerous because they are masters of tricking people. They do not have offices in the areas they serve, and once they collect their money, they pack up and leave town, just like the circus. You can avoid them by checking their license plates. Do they have local license plates? Do they have a local office? Are they contributing members of the community? A reputable lawn care company will leave a trail that is easy to trace, and you can avoid being ripped off by a ghost company through a simple background check. You can also check their licensing – the Texas Department of Agriculture requires lawn care companies who apply pesticides to obtain proper licensing, but companies who only apply fertilizers do not require a license.

The “Standard Charge, Phone Quoting Lawn Care Company”

These companies will provide a low quote over the phone to get you to commit to their services. Once you have signed up, they will come inspect your lawn, and find ways to charge you for extra services. These companies often have sales teams dedicated to completing the phone sales and separate teams that do the inspection, and they pressure both of their teams to get more money out of you.

You can avoid the phone quoters by insisting your lawn care company makes a physical inspection of your premises and provides a detailed, written quote of exactly the services they recommend. Make sure the quote is given in detailed writing, and the charges are broken down according to the service that is provided.

A reputable lawn care company will be willing to do this. You can also get a second opinion on the care your lawn requires. Many reputable lawn care companies want to help keep their industry well-policed and will be glad to double check your quote, free of charge.

Sidestep all the issues that come with these scams, and go ahead and call us at Impact Landscapes today. We are a local, honest, hard-working landscaping company that is devoted to your lawn and your satisfaction. #landscape #companies #lawncare #lawncare #companies #impact #landscape

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