Your personal outdoor living space that you love. Pro’s and Con’s but do you understand the difference and why. We can help you decide and create a backyard space of your dreams. A place you want to be, not a place you avoid. Custom design a patio space and add in a fireplace or fire pit. Or even a custom outdoor kitchen with grill, griddle, fridge perhaps even a fridge or sink. Consider a patio cover or pergola to keep the weather away. Undoubtedly an amazing outdoor space is not only enjoyable by your family, but also your friends and guest. Adding resale value to the house and comfort for the next buyer. So that they know you have an amazing space they don’t need to build on their own.

A personal outdoor living space like this will extend the interior of your home outside and for those beautiful fall and spring days and the nice summer evenings. All of a sudden you have an entire new space to dine in and enjoy with those closest to you. Visit here to see just a few of our examples on what is possible for your backyard dreams.

You can also check out other website to gather ideas, such as Use these sites to help gather ideas and concepts that we can use to help with the design.

Be prepared when your design shows up for the appointment. Eventually they will need to have your survey and HOA info to make progress. Also have your funding ready to go so there are no delays.

Lastly, be open minded, designers have built many outdoor living spaces and have a ton of experience. Or should anyway, listen to ideas you didn’t have and perhaps the space will be better for it. Most important thing is to be comfortable with your contractor and ENJOY your new Personal Outdoor Living space that you helped create.

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