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Tips To Save Time on Lawn Care

Having a beautiful property takes time, which homeowners usually don’t have in abundance. At the end of a long work week there is usually little time and energy left over for lawn care. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lovely yard that provides not only curb appeal for your property, but also a relaxing place to unwind at the end of a busy day. Use these tips to save time on lawn care today so that you can maintain a beautiful yard and still have time for your family and other activities.

Tip 1: Choosing the Correct Landscaping can Save You Time & Money

Our first tip to save time on lawn care is that you should definitely choose the the right type landscaping for your property and lifestyle. With the help of a professional landscaper you can easily make the right choices when it comes to the three most common factors you should consider if you are trying to save time. When it comes to caring for your lawn, choosing a quality professional landscaping company like Impact Landscapes to perform all your landscape design and maintenance services will save you an incredible amount of time every month to spend on other fun family activities.

Tip 2: Choosing the Correct Grass Can Save You Time & Energy

Turf grasses usually require the most maintenance in lawn care. Choose a grass that is best adapted to your region and one that requires the least amount of water. This will cut down on the time it takes to maintain it. Some homeowners opt to use as little turf grass as possible in their landscaping, and they instead choose ground cover plants that require less time to maintain. Instead of large amounts of grass, you might also consider increasing the size of your landscaping beds. Your professional landscaper can help you design a yard with the right grasses, ground cover, and beds to keep your lawn care to a minimum.

Tip 3: Choosing the Correct Plants Can Save You Time on Lawn Care

Plants that are native to a specific region and grow best under certain conditions. Vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees will often require the least amount of care, as they adapt well and flourish with little attention. Native plants usually use less water and do not require very much care or fertilization. These native plants are also less susceptible to local pests, and will better tolerate the climate of your region. Your local landscaper can provide you with information regarding which plants will work best in your area and setting, and how to best care for them to insure their growth and attractiveness.

Tip 4: Choose the Correct Irrigation System To Save Time on Lawn Care

Nothing saves more time on lawn care during the dog days of summer than a proper watering system for your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Sprinkler systems provide the most efficient watering, especially if the sprinkler heads are adjusted properly so that the water is supplied mostly to the grass and not to sidewalks and driveways. Sprinklers that spray large drops of water are more effective than those that spray a fine mist, which can easily be diminished by evaporation or wind drift.

For plants other than grass or ground cover, drip irrigation and soaker hoses are most efficient. Drip irrigation systems avoid the problems of evaporation or run off by supplying water directly to the soil at the roots of plants. Soaker hoses provide the same benefit, while also being easier and cheaper to install.

Again, your landscaper can help you know which is the best watering system for each area of your property. Give us a call today at Impact Landscapes, and let us help you make the best landscaping selections in grasses, plants, and watering systems that will save you time in lawn care and give you more time to enjoy your beautiful yard.

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