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How To Maintain A Beautiful Yard During A TX Summer With Lawn Care

The summer heat in TX can be excruciating at times, with temperatures over 100 degrees and high humidity levels. If you can’t stand to be outside during this weather, just imagine how your lawn feels! A healthy yard requires adequate hydration and reprieve from the scorching sun just as much as you do. Particularly hot days can cause poorly maintained lawns to go into shock with the rapid dehydration of the grass and roots, and a lawn can even die from the extreme heat. Contact a lawn care company in TX for help and recommendations on how to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful during the hot summer months.

Lawns can suffer from dehydration in the soil and the sod, which can then cause the potentially-fatal disease called hydrophobia. This sickness of the soil causes the ground to repel water, eliminating its ability to attract and absorb moisture, which is needed for it to live. Follow the following guidelines to maintain a flourishing yard.

Don’t Limit Proper Watering to the Summer—Practice Year-Round Lawn Care Techniques

It is important to practice proper lawn care techniques all year round for a healthy, self-sufficient yard. This practice includes watering deeply and less frequently to encourage the growth of deeply-set roots below the evaporation level of the soil. The purpose of urging on a deep rooting system is to develop a lawn that requires less watering all year round, and one that won’t die from a dry summer season. Daily watering can be poor lawn care practice, promoting a shallow root system that loses its moisture quickly and easily. Water your lawn deeply and twice weekly for a healthy TX lawn.

Implement Wetting Agents for Optimal Lawn Care in TX

When soil becomes severely dehydrated, it loses its ability to re-absorb and retain water effectively. This weakened soil becomes susceptible to the condition called hydrophobia; however, it can be controlled and cured by the use of wetting agents. These agents are inexpensive products that allow soil to retain water longer and can distribute the moisture more evenly.

Only Fertilize in the Morning, Never in the Afternoon

On a hot TX summer day, it is imperative to fertilize only in the morning and water immediately following, instead of waiting until the scorching sun is at its peak. Fertilizer left sitting on the lawn in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest and hottest will burn the grass leaves and cause damage due to the nitrogen in the fertilizer.

If The Forecast Calls For a Scorcher, Water Only in the Morning

Proper lawn care in TX states that your yard should be watered deeply only in the morning. This is to prevent water from being wasted, since the majority of it will merely be evaporated if watered in the afternoon. The water droplets sitting on top the grass leaves can also act as mini magnifying glasses, aiding in the burning of the lawn.

Summer lawn care in TX is dependent on proper watering techniques and routine maintenance, making for a healthy and beautiful lawn that can last through the driest days.

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