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The Dirt on Landscaping

The climate here in north Texas is considered humid subtropical: hot and humid summers, and mild winters. As you likely know, this weather requires special considerations for landscaping. We want to share a few basic tips about landscaping in Texas.

The basic principles of landscaping here in Lewisville remain the same as in other parts of the country: the landscaping needs to be functional and should require minimal maintenance. It also needs to have an aesthetic appeal and a design that fits in well with the surroundings.

Imagine your guests or customers arriving at your home or business. What do they see when they come in? What do you want them to see? If you’re interested in landscaping behind your house, such as around your pool, consider the atmosphere you’re aiming for. Landscaping is a simple way to create a great first impression on anyone who visits your home or office.

As far as gardening goes, a safe bet, and one that’s a hit among our clients, is a mixture of seasonal flowers together with perennials, such as shrubs or ornamental trees for year-round enjoyment. In addition to plants, manmade objects such as patio covers or fountains can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to your outdoor architecture. A qualified landscaper will also keep in mind some of the basic principles of design when considering his or her landscape recommendation.


These form the basic contours of your landscaping. If you’re looking for a rebuilt wall on the outside of your pool, for example, do you want the edges of it to be straight or curved?


The form of objects inside your landscaping determines the impression they make on viewers. Plants have their own natural form but can be manicured to a desired shape. Man-made objects such as fountains can be ordered or designed to meet the desired form.


If you would like for outdoor features such as pool walling to be rebuilt, consider the texture you would like them to have. The variety of plants and manmade objects around your landscaping will also provide a variety of textures to make the entire area more interesting and appealing.


For man-made structures, different shapes are, of course, possible. A fountain, for example, can be in the shape of a circle, square, hexagon, or more, and the overall shape of a garden area of landscaping pattern can make a huge difference in the overall look.


For plants, it is good to aim for both unity and balance in color arrangements. Colors can even affect people’s moods, so they are an important factor. A vibrant, healthy, green lawn is a good start, and appropriate shrubs, trees, and flowers can be added to the mix.


This refers to how strong of an effect each aspect of your landscaping has on the overall design. If all the features of your landscape have a heavy weight, this can appear chaotic to the viewer. A better design keeps most parts of the design low in weight, such as a soft green lawn, shrubs, and a few parts high in weight, such as an elegant flower bed or a fountain centerpiece.

It’s not necessary for you to know the ins and outs of all of this terminology, but if you are familiar with the basics of landscape design, you will be better equipped to find a true professional landscaper. The most important part, again, is to consider the overall purpose of your landscaping. Perhaps you want a pleasant but subtle exterior to your business or an entrance to your house that has the entire neighborhood raving. You can keep these basic tips in mind as you visualize the landscape you desire, and you can call Impact Landscapes today to get started creating your dream landscaping. #dirt #landscaping #impact #landscaping #lawncare #lawn #maintenance

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